Service Excellence Update

Here are some brief updates about several FP&M Service Excellence projects currently underway.

After-Hours Response

We have put together a small team to identify and implement improvements to the way that the FP&M Physical Plant responds to after-hours facilities issues.

In the short-term, we have been working with both the UW Police Department and ICS (our local answering service vendor) to make this process more efficient. We have added a structured set of questions to more quickly identify the craft/trade required to address a given issue. We have also created additional timestamp points so that the entire process can be more precisely evaluated; this will allow us to both address existing gaps and recognize where efficiencies lie.

Renovation Project Delivery

In the Summer of 2017 we conducted a limited pilot on a subset of renovation projects. In this pilot, we tested a number of changes aimed at streamlining the construction phase of renovation project delivery.

  • Bi-weekly email updates to customers. These proved very successful and now have been expanded to all renovation projects.
  • Dedicated trades staff for renovation projects. Implementation of this proved more challenging than planned. We are currently working out the best model to smoothly implement uninterrupted work on renovation projects.
  • Material delivery for renovation projects. This process is also being expanded to all renovation projects.
  • Communication using mobile devices. All renovation staff is now being trained on the use of a mobile application in order to share information in order to increase the speed of project completion.

Facilities Management Software System

After an extensive RFP and evaluation process we are now in the final phase of evaluation and selection of a new facilities management software system that will replace the existing work order system and also provide additional functionality for other FP&M business processes.

The RFP team, with subject matter experts from both within FP&M and across campus, evaluated a number of proposals, selected four finalists, and identified the best possible system for both FP&M and our campus customers.

We expect to begin implementation of this system in early 2018; the implementation process is expected to last 12-18 months. You can expect more updates about this project as implementation progresses.

About Service Excellence

The Service Excellence initiative is a division-level effort to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of FP&M service delivery processes and to enhance customer experience. At present, there are three projects operating under the auspices of Service Excellence:

  • Work Requests.
  • Renovations
  • Work Order System.

All of these projects, currently in implementation, are an outgrowth of two previous projects that FP&M conducted in partnership with Administrative Process Redesign (APR).


If you have questions about any of these projects, or about the FP&M Service Excellence initiative as a whole, please contact Anjali Sridharan, Project Manager, at or 263-5907.