Steamfitter Shop

In support of the mission of Facilities Planning & Management, the Steamfitter Shop provides maintenance products and services, aiming to serve as a role model for other organizations and our customers.

The Steamfitter Shop is a collection of tradespeople that construct, service, and maintain heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment for a complex set of extremely diverse systems. In addition, the Steamfitter Shop maintains and troubleshoots many types of highly specialized lab equipment.

The Steamfitter Shop maintains an extensive underground utility distribution system of steam, chilled water, and compressed air pipelines. The steam distribution system carries high and low pressure steam across campus, and returns condensed water back to the plant for re-use. This steam provides heat for most of the campus buildings, heats domestic water, and is also used for preparing food and sterilizing research instruments. The chilled water is used to condition air in our campus buildings, as well as research equipment and data centers.

The Steamfitter Shop supports campus planning and development through review of construction documents and participation in planning activities.