Customer Service

Physical Plant Customer Service handles service requests for routine and special services. There are three ways to request service:

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For other questions about Customer Service, consult the Service FAQ below.

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Service Request Statuses

Based on the perceived relative priority of each service call, each service request is assigned a priority code. If you are logged in, you can display the status of each shop working on your service requests.

Phase Priorities

Code Description
0 – Specify Assign a priority to this job
1 – Urgent Emergency work
2 – ASAP As soon as possible
3 – Normal Normal schedule
4 – Low Low priority
5 – Open Job Open order

Phase Status

Code Description
Assigned Work assigned to shop
Basket In-basket, pending decision by shop
Canceled Shop order is canceled
On-Hold Shop order is on-hold
Print To print the shop order
Re-Opened Shop order is re-opened
Released Work released to employees
Shop Done Shop activities are complete
Wrk-In-Pro Work-in-progress by shop
X-Closed Shop order is closed

Billing Information

For billing information for Physical Plant services visit the Financial Management portal (NetID required).

For information about the standard hourly rates for work done on departmental service requests by FP&M Physical Plant, consult the Departmental Rates sheet (NetID required).

Service FAQ

Q. What is a Customer Number?
A. It is a alpha-numeric number produced by Physical Plant to identify funding associated with you. You need it to request service from the Physical Plant. If you do not have a number, contact  Sally Hansen at 608-265-4215 or

Q. Can I view my web submitted work orders?
A. Yes. Visit the Service Call Status page (NetID authentication required). Only web-submitted calls are available here. For service requests submitted by email or telephone, contact Customer Service ( or 3-3333).

Q. How can I get my carpet cleaned?
A. Custodial Services cleans carpets depending on schedules and assignments. To request that your carpet be cleaned, submit a Service Request.

Q. I need a sign made, who does this?
A. Our Paint Shop makes our signs. Submit a Service Request. For departmental work, please be prepared to provide your customer number.

Q. How do I request a key?
A. Our Lock Shop makes keys. Submit a Key Request. For departmental work, please be prepared to provide your customer number.

Q. What is the lost and found key policy?
A. UWPD and UW Lock Shop are partnering to streamline the procedure and drop off sites for lost and found campus keys. UW Lock Shop will serve as the primary drop site during business hours. Please return any found keys to their location. UWPD will have a drop box in their lobby, the UW PD is to serve as a secondary drop site during non-business hours, however the drop box will be available at all times. Staff will work to determine ownership of keys. University keys will be returned at the discretion of the UW Lock Shop. Staff will attempt to identify owners of personal keys turned in, if no positive ID is made, keys will be held for 30 days prior to proper disposal and recycle protocol.

Q. I want to remodel an office. What is the procedure?
A. Campus Renovation Services handles remodeling projects.

Q. Does Physical Plant replace window coverings?
A. Our Paint Shop repairs and replaces these using a charge back procedure. Submit a Service Request. For departmental work, please be prepared to provide your customer number.

Q. I need to see my bill for services performed?
A. Yes, If you are not logged in, return to our Home Page and log-in. Once logged in, look for the “General Billing” tab. For assistance call Sally Hansen 608-265-4215 or Duane Marlette @ 608-262-3448

Q. I need to rent a table, chairs or a tent. How do I?
A. Campus Services rents these items. Submit a Service Request. For departmental work, please be prepared to provide your customer number. For questions about this service, contact Brad Schenkel (

Q. How much does it cost for Physical Plant Staff?
A. For an estimate, contact Customer Service ( or 3-3333). Estimates are provided at no charge.

Q. Do we have people available to clean windows?
A. Window washing is performed by Campus Services. Windows are washed on a campus schedule.
For questions about this service, contact Brad Schenkel (

Q. Where is lost and found located?
A. There are numerous locations on campus. Please refer to the Faculty/Staff Directory for locations. Building managers are listed on the Facility Details page for each building on the campus map.

Q. How are building numbers assigned?
A. The Space Management Management Office assigns assigns building numbers. For more information, visit the Space Management Office website.

Q. I have a delivery to another building.  Is this service provided by Physical Plant?
A. Campus Services provides deliveries to other buildings using a charge back. Submit a Service Request. For departmental work, please be prepared to provide your customer number.

Q. May I hang a banner on our building?
A. Banners must be approved by Facilities Planning & Management. Consult the Banner Guidelines and  Banner Policy use the Banner Request.

Q. Who determines when the flag is flown at half-staff?
A. Physical Plant receives notification from the Governor’s Office.

Q. May we use chalk to write on the sidewalk?
A. Chalk should be washable. No oil based or liquid chalk.

Q. Where do I rent state vehicles?
A. FP&M Transportation Services manages the rental of state fleet vehicles. For more information, visit Transportation Services > Fleet.

Q. Does the Physical Plant do pest control and removal?
A. The Physical Plant has one full time Pest Control Manager which provides complete pest elimination, and wildlife control for approximately 14 million square feet of academic building floor space and all of campus grounds and Campus Natural Areas. Pest control services are provided during normal working hours on an on-call basis as the pest problems arise. Customers are expected to remove pest harborages and make repairs to prevent pest entry as recommended by the campus pest control manager. The campus pest control manager uses only the most modern techniques and pesticides that pose the lowest level of risk to the customers in the lowest levels possible to achieve the desired results. Emergency service after normal working hours is provided in the most urgent situations where students, occupants, and/or research projects are in immediate danger of physical harm. During normal working hours emergency situations are handled ASAP as they are reported to Physical Plant Customer Service.