Each shop is budgeted to provide a targeted level of services to each one of its major GPR and PR customer groups (programs). Approximately 60% of the total shops production is utilized for general maintenance activities (approximately 230,000 hours, GPR funded) and 40% to provide self-funded services on charge back basis to other University departments (about 160,000 hours, PR).

The day-to-day allocation of resources to each customer group is based on the program requirements, established priorities, shop workload and budgetary targets.

The number of management and support positions within each shop is directly related to the type of services and the size of that shop. Depending on the type of service and operational requirements, certain shops' services are provided through decentralized zones located throughout the campus, and others dispatched from a central headquarter.

The non-management employees of the shops are organized under one of the bargaining units:

  • Wisconsin State Building Trade Union
  • Wisconsin State Employee Union

The labor/management relations are closely governed by the negotiated contracts between the State of Wisconsin and those unions.