Campus Renovation Services

Formerly A&E Services and PAC

Campus Renovation Services is responsible for the design and construction of non-capital projects on the UW-Madison campus and most adjunct properties. We are most frequently involved with projects constructed by Physical Plant in-house trades, but also utilize private contractors. In addition to design and construction, other services we offer the campus community include:

  • Pre-construction project visualization and order-of-magnitude estimating.
  • Space planning.
  • Code analysis and interpretation.
  • Architectural design. Acoustics analysis and mediation, exiting and fire safety evaluations.
  • Engineering design. Metering, energy efficiency modeling, lighting level analysis, and upgrade studies.
  • Interior design. Furniture, color, lighting, finishes selection, and purchasing advising and assistance.

Questions and further information can be obtained by contacting administration at or contact your project administrator directly. Administrator contact information is located in the Project Portal.

What's New

Project Request Submission Deadlines

Campus Renovation Services has implemented new deadlines for the submission of project requests. The deadline for submission of project requests for Summer 2017 renovation projects is January 1, 2017. For more information about this change, read a letter from Rob Lamppa (Executive Director-Physical Plant) and Pamela Barrett (Director, Campus Renovation Services).

How to Request a Project

To request a new project, complete a Request for Remodeling Form and send it to your College Representative for approval. A single person, with authority to approve funding expenditures, must be assigned as the main point of contact. Authority can be delegated via signatory letter.

General Project Process


The General Project Process is also available as a PDF.


Preliminary Budget: An accelerated step with a brief description of the scope of work and an estimated cost range, usually based on a single site visit. Most applicable when needing general figures for funding requests, grant applications, and fundraising efforts. Upon request an early feasibility study of the primary issues, problems, considerations and important aspects of a proposed project will be conducted. This may include a scope of magnitude high-level pricing estimation.

Full Service Assessment: A slightly more detailed report on the existing site conditions and desired scope of work, and a line-item estimate, sometimes including a schematic design (when needed to define the scope of work).


Design Construction documents can be produced either in the form of a worklist or drawings. Other items that may be part of the construction documents are furnishings orders, contracts for finishes, and specifications.


The construction phase does not begin and end with the actual swinging of tools, but also includes any or all of the following: preordering of materials, preconstruction meeting, punch list walkthrough.